Insurance Solutions for Logistics and Transportation Companies;

In today’s global economy, logistics became one of the most important key elements of all processes of commerce. There are lots of influencers of this situation like:

  • Globalization of manufacturing processes: Cost effective global solutions
  • Increasing technology making easier to reach anywhere in the World and also logistics processes
  • Effect of internet in buying processes and decisions. Each year e-trade share increases tramandously

While logistics became easier because of technologic improvement but also became much more complex and difficult for companies to solve in-house so many companies tend to outsource all logistics processes to Professional companies.

We know all liabilities, needs and risks of Logistics companies and we have experts to serve them to handle risks.

  • Property & Business Interruption
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Cargo Marine & Liability Insurance
  • Environmental Insurance
  • Freight Forwarder’s Liability
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessment
  • Public Liability
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment
  • Fleet Management & Relative Insurances

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