Our team of experts has many years’ experience dealing with insurance and risk management for the media and entertainment sector. We have developed insurance and risk solutions specifically tailored for the motion picture and television production companies, commercial production and advertising agencies and post-production houses.

We provide a range of specialised products for this dynamic industry, with innovative risk solutions for:

  • Motion picture producers and distributors
  • Film producers, Commercial producers, Advertising agents and Personal media 
  • Post-production and special effects companies
  • Commercial producers and advertising agencies
  • Live entertainment and theatre
  • Hotel, casinos and other venues.

Our products and services

We take a comprehensive, consultative approach to risk management and develop solutions to help clients avoid, transfer or mitigate their critical exposures.

Our experts use their long standing relationships with insurers to negotiate traditional business coverages such as property and liability, errors and omissions, and specialty coverage for the industry, including:

  • Full range of Indemnity insurances
  • Cast Coverage
  • Negative Film/Faulty Stock
  • Aircraft Liability
  • Animal Mortality
  • Weather Insurance
  • Advertising Wrap-up

Our industry expertise, coupled with long standing market relationships, helps clients mange their risks and succeed.

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